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engidesk tools & apps for the integration of live-data to your calculations, monitoring scenarios and many more IoT (Internet of Things) usecases are very easy to apply. The engidesk software ecosystem allows for the handling & integration of live-data as well. Develop & use unlimited individual sensor-applications without deep understanding of neither sensor- nor software-engineering. engidesk provides flexible, easy-to-use and fully scalable usecases from simple self-service applications to monitoring complex production systems.

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How it works

Analyze and continue to use sensordata within minutes

Application of sensors

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engidesk offers interfaces and access to a multitude of sensors. Not-yet-supported sensor interfaces can easily be integrated in engidesk via .NET- interface.

Start immediately with pre-set apps

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engidesk provides you with analytical & further processing tools in the form of tools & apps. Simply drag & drop engidesk-tools to your existing projects and start combining.

Infinte possibilities due to Excel-, .NET & Matlab-integration

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Transfer your calculations/analyses from Excel, Matlab or .NET with just a few clicks to engidesk apps & combine them with arbitrary preset-tools & -apps from the engidesk publishing area.

Steadily growing number of suitable application presets

The engidesk publishing area provides users with a dynamically increasing number of (expert) applications - Varying from plug & play sensor-interfaces for data processing & visualization to automated customized email notifications on the basis of your sensordata. All that in "do-it-yourself-style"; Coding skills are not required! Apply, edit, copy and share the majority of those apps & tools as basis for your and your team's usecases.

Usecase example 1

Plug & Play temperature monitoring incl. email notifications

Position "Wunderbar" sensor

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Relayr's "Wunderbar" enables the use of a sensor ecosystem, that places your sensor data in the cloud. Very easy-to-use and plug & play.

Combine tools via drag & drop

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Combine a "datagrabber" tool, a "data-analysis" app and an "email-notification" app via drag & drop in engidesk. Enter your relayr access data to start the sensor-monitoring solution immediately.

Receive mails with condition data

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Receive information about critical conditions (threshold overruns) - Anywhere, in realtime.

A customer's opinion

  • "Working with sensors has never been easier. With the help of engidesk, we're able to set up applications like termperature or oil level surveillance within a few minutes and monitor the data location-independent via laptop or receive automated emails with status warnings."

    Dipl.-Ing. Nils Neumann | RWTH Aachen University
Usecase example 2

engidesk - Taking you step by step to extensive networking production. Due to engidesk's modular & fully compatible ecosystem, customers gradually expand rather simple engidesk sensor applications and significantly reduce risks (,thus costs,) occuring during the first implementation. Above that, our customers experience the opportunity to change/optimize their systems freely and any time in order to iterate the most effective tailored system, that can be easily scaled in the following.

Monitoring power consumption of production machinery

The illustration above depicts the integration of the engidesk ecosystem to the production of a German medium-sized enterprise. Read-out and storage of measured data initially takes place in a "concentrator" located on the production floor. The access to working with that data follows via client. engidesk features e.g. the automatic indication of average values of measured data or the detection of overruns/shortfalls of customized threshold values. Automated notifications or database entries can be set on the basis of this data.

"Self-Service" expansion

Expand the scope of engidesk usecases by yourself via integrated Excel- Matlab- & .NET interfaces. Transfer your calculations/developments from various systems to engidesk tools & apps with only a few clicks and combine them to larger sytems. Integrate external expert solutions on demand via the publishing area for your usecases as well.

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