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engidesk-powered process costing tool draws serious attention on JEC, Paris

Paris, March 10th – 12th, 2015: The 50th session of JEC Europe Composites Show draws about 30.000 professionals of the global composite market from almost 100 countries to the capital of France. Exhibitors from all over the world present their technologies and innovations to the vastest international audience in the composite sector on three floors. Alongside the entire value chain of fibre reinforced plastic compounds, use cases and contexts the JEC features the world’s most significant exhibitors for raw material production, equipment, intermediate processors, distributors, final processors, consultancies, software providers and many more.

The unique process costing tool OPLYSIS is demonstrated live on Floor 7.1 (product demonstration area, stand A4 in the innovation corner) by cost engineering experts from Conbility GmbH…

RWTH Aachen University

…as well as engidesk representatives for specific software, support, maintenance and individualization topics.

RWTH Aachen University For your information: A full product demonstration video of OPLYSIS – cost modelling and optimization software tool – can be found here

Team Conbility and team engidesk are very pleased about the high degree of interest and impact of their new born product innovation and look forward to the follow up meetings all over the globe.

Dr. Lars Lambrecht (engidesk CEO) comments: ”We are really happy with the overall outcome of the trade fair. Also on a personal level, it is highly satisfactory to see a concept work. There is no more valuable confirmation of your product but the positive feedback of potential clients and partners all over the world, who you solve significant problems for and proof your (anticipated) value add. We are glad to have found a highly competent and sympathetic partner in Conbility. Their experience, business intelligence and face-to-the customer competencies perfectly match our rather technical expertise plus the software fundament in order to form a strong, reliant and highly professional alliance.”

What exactly is the added value of OPLYSIS?

Based on the engidesk interface and functionality, which enables user’s to flexible combine various existing and new logics, calculations and other “intelligences” without any systemic obstacles, OPLYSIS offers completely new possibilities for intuitive modelling, automated analyses and revolutionary fast optimizations of process chains in terms of time , cost and other performance indicators.

OPLYSIS provides companies with a full transparency of the entire “cost-picture”- From granular side-factors to a full cost overview. One major advantage of the system is the simplicity in analyzing cost drivers in arbitrarily holistic processes within seconds. Automated sensitivity analyses - for example - identify most influential process steps and subsequent activities that produce hidden costs and help customers to save unnecessary expenses and redundant efforts at a glimpse.

Entire benchmark scenarios of highly individual production processes can be carried out in a minute and will be supported by decision making tools, financial analyses and specific scale-up functionalities that integrate an economical benefit-perspective inherently. In other words OPLYSIS significantly helps with your investment decisions when it comes to optimizing existing production setups, scaling-up, adding a production line, etc.

RWTH Aachen University

Above that, OPLYSIS naturally utilizes engidesk key features like the live collaboration environment that allows to share composed processes, analyses and optimization results across work groups without any compatibility barriers or attached transaction costs. Furthermore, OPLYSIS users can integrate existing logics from Excel, MATLAB, fortran, .NET or any other developing environment directly into their projects. The major unique selling proposition here is the utilization of accustomed software. An OPLYSIS roll-out in any company does not create switching costs, but rather encourages users to keep using their acquainted and trusted developing environments.

Further information about OPLYSIS, support contacts, prices etc. can be found on the conbility GmbH website www.conbility.com. For specific technical questions, maintenance, individualizations and system compatibilities please contact the engidesk support staff via info@engidesk.com or + 49 151 234 27 248.

Posted by Lars Lambrecht on March 16, 2015